Friday, November 7, 2008

What's the fuss about blogging?

Okay, so I'm kind of into it.  What a terrific way to write down your thoughts and gather the input of others.  Welcome, huh, to the world of social networking.  What an opportunity for hospital marketing folks to "blog on" and share ideas, thoughts, questions, and importantly frustrations.

Yes, frustrations.  We're always trying to one-up the other guy in this field - and others - and often can't let our guard down and fuss.  About internal politics (as they relate to clogging the blogging), saboteurs (those in the organization who, for some reason, don't want to see the effort succeed) and/or the complexity of rolling out a new brand.  Face it, it's no slam dunk!

So, let's use this blog on hospital branding not only to share good ideas, but to fuss.  Talk about what irks you, obstacles, challenges, and let's see how others can help or reply.  

Springboard Brand & Creative Strategy is sponsoring this blog, so "blog on" hospital marketers!

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